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Nana's Consultant Services

About Me:
I have been extensively involved in my own spiritual development for over 30 years. I have also assisted in the spiritual and mental development of a number of clients as part of the work that I do. Anything that I may teach has been applied to my personal life with great results. I am an ordained minister as well as an initiated Priestess of the Akan Spiritual Tradition of Ghana West Africa.
I began my journey when I was born into this incarnation and have done much study in spirituality through my journey through Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, the Tao and various African Traditions, i.e., Yoruba, Voodoo, Kemetic and Akan. I am presently giving workshops/discussion called. "Entering the Mystic Realms" where we discuss Dream Interpretations and Metaphysics.
I am a Mental Health Professional, an Educator, Entrepreneur and Healer. My varied travels and studies through: Education, Spirituality, Health & Wellness has allowed me to be able access and be accessible to people from a variety of backgrounds and persuasions. As a business owner I have acquired various skills in Business  Management, Marketing and Information Systems related to the business.

I am a performing artist, Managing Director/Founder of The "Voices Of Africa" Choral and Percussion Ensemble. . As a performing artists, I have acquired skills in the West African Arts, Cultural and Traditional/Non-Traditional Music. I have used my skills as a Seamstress/Tailor to outfit the Entire Ensemble.

There are many facets to who I am on this plane, in short, I consider myself a Metaphysician.

I wish to facilitate the expansion of each person's awareness, allowing their own soul inclinations to come forth and answer some questions for them that may be puzzling to them. The path towards Spiritual Consciousness and Awareness is full of many turns, ups and downs. So I am there to comfort them and bring as much understanding as I can to them with the help of the Most High.

Services Offered: 

Mental Health Counseling 

DECACS, Inc. – Project Overview

Department of Educational & Cultural Awareness Comprehensive Services, Inc.
MISSION STATEMENT: To use a multi-disciplinarian approach to mental health for children and their families by using the comprehensive tools of counseling, education, creativity and cultural enrichment.

Educational Services 
(adults and children; details need to be negotiated).

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Complete List Of Services Offered: 

Mental Health Counseling  DECACS, Inc.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or wish to make an appointment.

Ø  Email instructions for individual services will be provided.
Ø  Workshops require project development and will vary with each venue.
Ø  Email confirmation and payment will guarantee service unless otherwise indicated by both parties.
Ø  All services are provided by appointment only.
Ø  Some services can be provided via the internet.
Ø  Services can be paid for by check, money order, PayPal or credit card.
Ø  To secure the receipt of service, ALL Services must be paid for in advance.
Ø  Some fees are NEGOTIABLE.

Spiritual Counseling-Psychic Readings-Workshops

Spiritual Counseling/Psychic Readings/I Ching Seminars

Here Is How I Do It.

A. Psychic Readings.

  • Readings can be done via, Skype, Oovo, Google Hangout, Yahoo video chat, etc. That way where we are located won’t interfere with getting the reading. After we determine which chat process we want to use, then we need to make sure we are in each other’s friends list so everything can go smoothly when we finally meet.
  • I ask folks to get me two questions before the reading. Then, I will do the consulting with the Oracle ahead of time, so as to say on the actual reading time. Typically, one question requires a series of inquiries that may take another 10 0r 15 minutes to complete. Sometimes, I may have to contact you again to help restructure the question so we can get the best answer. With the I Ching, the way you ask the question makes all the difference in the answer you receive.
  • I ask for a love offering of $50 for a reading that lasts about 1.5 hours. I ask folks to pay via PayPal ( in advance of our reading. If you don't have PayPal I can send you an invoice which can be paid with a credit card. Or if you wish you can mail it to me.
  • Then we set up an appointment for the reading to take place.
  • After the reading is over, I will send you a copy of your reading via a download link for your reference in the future.

B. I Ching Workshops

The I Ching (Yi Jing) is an amazing oracular system developed in Ancient China more than 5,000 years ago. It continues to have relevance up until this day. Its philosophy is its name; that is “The Book of Changes.” This oracle is the “pocket psychologist.”  It is designed to teach anyone how to move with the rhythm of life as it ebbs and flows.  It was first developed by an intensely Spiritual Man by the name of Fu Shi who's ethnicity harkens back to according to some Africa in some reports... In fact, there is a strong correlation between the I Ching and the Ifa system of Nigeria, West Africa. 

Fu Shi, having spent some time studying the markings on a tortoise shell was inspired to develop a system that would help humanity understand the every day changes as well as the celestial changes in the Universe. He started with just two lines, then three, called trigrams and develop these trigrams in reflections of the elements around him. wood, Earth, metal, water, fire. From there came the repeating cycles productive, destructive, controlling and dissolving. Of course as with all Ancient Texts, changes, editions and subtractions have been made, especially in translating it from the Ancient Mandarin.

All in all it comes to us, and, from much experience it has given me, it shows to be one of the best systems around.

  • Facilitator: Nana Baakan will facilitate these I Ching Workshops. I have been using this system without fail for over 30 years. It has guided me through some trying and joyful times. It has given me a stronger ability to intuit and helped me to relinquish my dependence upon it. Over time, one becomes so in tune, that they can "forecast" the hexagrams that may come up in a reading, providing confirmation for each life situation that it is consulted on.
  • Participants: All are welcomed.  We need at least 6 commitments before we can start a workshop.
  • Coordinator: Will be ask to volunteer in return for their sessions being free.
    • Duties of Coordinator: Keep contact information for of all attendees.
    • Be the contact person between attendees and Nana Baakan
    • Keep attendance records.
    • Send out reminders for each workshop 3 days in advance.
    • Feel free to contact Nana directly with any of the questions you need to.
  • Description: This workshop will give you firsthand knowledge about the use of this oracle for your personal and spiritual development. It will be a beginners course, of 6 sessions, for starters. If folks wish to continue on after the first 6 sessions that will be great too.
  • Cyber Workshop: Everyone should have Gmail account! That way we can all get on Google hang-out. The can also get the Google Hang-out app on their phone. I am not too sure if Apple phones have the app for Google hang-out though. We need to look into that. Either way we will have folks on the phone or on the internet. Skype or Ovoo is another option, since they do have group chat. I prefer Google Hangout cause you can record it.
  • Web Camera: Everyone needs to have a web camera on their phone or on their computer. We really need video, so folks can see what I am writing on the board. You can try eBay or for a web cam, if not, then you can always go to someone’s house for the video chat if they have a video camera on their computer.
  • Everyone to check out the Nana Baakan Discusses Understanding the I Ching Videos on YouTube.
  • Durations: I would like to do 6 sessions, each for 1.5 hours once a week or whenever we schedule them.
    • Hour one would be for instructions
    • 30 minutes for questions and answers.
  • Love Offering: I will ask for a small love offering from each one in attendance. $120 for 6 sessions, or $100 if a person pays for all 6 sessions in advance.
    • Everyone must pay for at least two sessions in advance or $40 before the first session begins. 
    • Love Offering can be sent via Paypal,( If you do not have Paypal, and invoice can be sent that can be paid with a credit card.


Contact Nana Baakan for  appointments @

Complete List Of Services 

Mental Health Counseling  DECACS, Inc.

Contact Nana Baakan

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dream Interpretation & Workshops

Entering the Mystic Realms 
Dream Interpretation & Workshops

"Entering the Mystic Realms" where we discuss Dream Interpretations and Metaphysics.

  • This will be a series of discussions on Understanding/Living Your Dreams and applying the lessons presented in them to waking life. A different, yet comprehensive topic is discussed at each workshop, so there is no need for registration in advance.
  • A mailing list is generated at each workshop and attendees will be alerted, via email, with all the information for the next workshop.
  • Simple tools and instructions will be presented during these discussions. A book list will be distributed for further understanding. 
  • These workshop will be held at various locations that will be announced in advance of each workshop. They are free and open to the public. We do ask for a free will offering. 
  • Anyone who wishes to attend or would like to host a workshop at their facility, please contact Nana Baakan @ 

Workshop Outline
1. A dream workshop
     a. What is a dream workshop?
     b. Who can be a member?
     c. Importance of confidentiality
     d. Purpose of sharing dreams - willingness to share dreams
     e. Results from dream sharing - understanding
     f. Non-judgmental - hinders dream interpretation
2. What are dreams?
     a. Technical definition - see handouts
     b. Messengers from the soul -- “movies of your mind”
     c. Messages from ancestors (guardian spirits) “dependable allies”
     d. Inner voice - keys to understanding self more deeply
3. How do we dream? What happens in our minds that creates dreams?
     a. Subconscious vs. Conscious
     b. Symbolical vs. Literal?
     c. Intuitive vs. Fact?
     d. Integration of dream into conscious awareness
4. When do we dream?
     a. Sleep
      1. Purpose of sleep: every living creature (that we are aware of) sleeps
      2. What happens when we don’t sleep?
      3. Meditation a form of sleep
      4. Sleep disturbances and mental illness
      5. Day dreaming
      6. Visions
      7. Feelings, sensations, impressions
      8. Déjà vous
      9. Lucid dreaming - o.b.e.
5. How do we remember them?
     a. Make a promise to remember
     b. attempt to write or record dreams upon waking
     c. Avoid alarm clocks or find another alternative
     d. Set aside dream time
     e. Share dreams
     f. Believe they are important
     g. Document messages, dreamed events that occur and changes in life
6. Dream theories:
     a. Who are the authors?
     b. You are responsible for your own dreams
     c. You write script, set up players, change events, determine outcomes, etc.
     d. Wish fulfillment
7. Dream intrusion - dreams and the underworld
     a. Some gifted mystics can penetrate into your dream reality
     b. Lucid dreaming road to effective dream control benefits discussed later
     c. Who are the players?
8. You are the players
     a. Top dog vs. underdog
     b. Alter self - past lives, future lives, present relations
     c. Scenarios change according to development of conscious and                
     d. Mind interplay

Creative Dreaming     by Patricia Garfield, Ph.D.

DREAM CARDS    by Strephon Kaplan—Williams

Dream Cycles    by Dusty Bunker

Dream Work    by Taylor

Dreaming the Divnine, Technique for Sacred Sleep    by Scott Cunningham

Dreams Beyond Dreaming    by Jean Campbell

Dreams Hidden Meanings Secret    by Orion

Dreams That Come True    by David Ryback, Ph.D.


Dreams, Symbols & Psychic Power    by A. Tanous & Tim Gray

Dreams: A Way To Listen To God    by Kesley


How To Intepret Dreams, Omens & Fortune Telling Signs    by Fred Gettings

Inner Guides Vision Dreams    by Dr. Einstein

Let Your Body Intepret Your Dreams    by Gendlin

LIVING YOUR DREAMS    by Gayle Delaney

Modern Witch’s Dreambook    by Sarah Lyndon Morrison

New Approaches to Dream Interpret    by Nandor Fodor


The Dream Book    by Betty Bethards

The Dream Game    by Ann Faraday

The Dream Lover, Transforming Relationships Thru Dreams    by Leo Peto

The Dream Workbook    by Jill Morris

Wisdom of the Heart, Working with Women's Dreams    by Karen A. Signell, Ph.D.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

DECACS, Inc. Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Counseling 

DECACS, Inc. – Project Overview

Department of Educational & Cultural Awareness Comprehensive Services, Inc.
MISSION STATEMENT: To use a multi-disciplinarian approach to mental health for children and their families by using the comprehensive tools of counseling, education, creativity and cultural enrichment.
To provide supportive and preventive services of counseling, cultural enrichment, education and creativity to children and their families adding a comprehensive component to the traditional services offered by mental health. Through the utilization of the many skills and talents of a multi-disciplinarian team of professionals, this program will foster learning and healing more effectively because the participants will be using other creative as well as cognitive abilities to understand their inner and outer worlds. This will stimulate growth on many levels, provide hope and help to facilitate fuller, wholer responsible human beings.

To establish a mental health model for African Americans where counseling, learning and healing are in a synergistic relationship with educational and cultural awareness. In addition, this model will have the creative component needed to enhance the interaction between the mental health professional and client as they will each explore and develop (jointly and individually) their educational and cultural awareness.
D.E.C.A. Comprehensive Services, Inc.

Minorities, in particular, the impoverished members of the African American community, reflect the epitome of the misfortunate consequences of untapped or misused resources. Poverty, which is greatly influenced by racism and classism, finds its expression in the inner and outer environment of these disenfranchised people. The impact can be felt in the families, educational systems, employment opportunities, and mental and physical health of these people. As a result, high rates of crime, disease, dysfunction, ignorance and mental illness permeate throughout their communities and alter the total structure of American society.

These impoverished members of humanity house a wealth of creative and constructive energy. This energy is entrapped at best and misused at worst. Unaware of their hidden and/or misused talents they are frustrated and release destructive energy into their individual worlds and outer environment. By tapping into this well of resources then channeling these resources into meaningful and constructive expressions, these members of humanity begin to create within themselves a healthier reality which brings benefit to the larger community.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for skilled culturally sensitive mental health care professionals who provide culturally sensitive mental health services to minorities, in particular, the African American community in the Philadelphia area. D.E.C.A. Comprehensive Services, Inc. is a program that will direct itself to this need and through its professional staff, endeavor to fulfill its responsibility as a mental health provider for this community.

D.E.C.A. Comprehensive Services, Inc. will offer comprehensive programming that enhances the psychological healing and learning abilities of its clients who are in need of diverse approaches to mental healing and learning that cannot be readily obtained through conventional means.

Traditional mental health services are feared at best and ineffective at worst for the inner city disenfranchised population. In spite of the alarming rise in the rate of socially and emotionally disturbed individuals in our society, many of the individuals in this population are reticent to seek professional help. However, these same individuals are in sore need of this service and are, in many instances, provided this service as a last resort or when circumstances they are in crisis.
focusing on children and their families, will provide an outlet for disturbing and destructive emotional energies through service to the whole person. It will use a holistic approach to mental healing through the compatible tools of counseling, cultural awareness, education and creativity. It will provide support for their social, emotional, health and educational concerns (to name a few). The course of this service will be primarily preventive however it will be available during and after these concerns become problematic.

This program is a partnership. The service provider and client are partners with one another. The provider will be able to express some of his/her other talents as workshop facilitators and clients will be able to evaluate themselves in a broader arena where other opinions are being heard. Mutual appreciation is heightened and deepened as individuals become more than a means to an end but are an integral part of the creative process.

In addition, where clients are engaging in counseling, educational, creative and cultural activities, subtly self-esteem improves and they are able to see more of their own worth and value as human beings. They will feel more capable and thus make a positive contribution to humanity.
Mental healing is a process and it affects all aspects of health in our world today. By designing a program whose target is to creatively foster mental healing; clients will be afforded an alternative that will provide therapeutic assistance in a deeper sense thus averting many other illnesses.

Contact: Nana Baakan Agyiriwah

Complete List Of Services 

Mental Health Counseling  DECACS, Inc.

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PC Helpdesk Services

Don’t Know Where To Start Won’t Start Moves
Too Slowly Does Not Follow Directions  Lost Files
Can’t Find Files   Programs Don’t Run Properly 
Hardware Configuration ConflictsComputer Phobia
Difficulty Understanding Basic Commands & Terms

Overall Frustration With Deep Desire
to Destroy the Animal!!

Before you do anything drastic, Call Nana 



First Time Set Up For Newbies      
 Tutorial Services    Basic Program Utilization    Maintenance
Trouble Shooting    Desk Top & Web Publishing     Consultations
Additional Technical Support        Computer Sales and Repairs


In this day and age, it really is the only way to travel, but you won’t get no where if you get the machine and don’t know what to do after you turn it on.  That is where I come in.  Because I had to learn how, I did, and I am proud to say, you would be most please with my services.    In order to keep up with the fast pace of the world of computer technology, often times the basics get loss in the shuffle, but it is those basics that can determine whether or not you are able to put the purchase of your computer to good use.
  1. Got a New Machine?
  2. Uncertain about what to do Next?
  3. Given up on your machine?
  4. Just need Some Tips & Clues?
  5. Want to work more efficiently and effectively on your computer?

Looking for someone who can bypass the techy talk and tell you how it is??
Need someone to just get you through the basics?
Need a website, blog, or email setup?

Where do I start?
Can't find the power button?
What's a monitor, mouse, keyboard, webcam, gadgets, apps, hotkeys?
Where's my Stuff?
How do I get on line?
How do I search google?
What's a browser?
What's Social Media?
What's an upgrade, error?
Do I need Anit-virus?
What's the difference between software and hardware?
What is Wifi?
Why won't it start?
The "blue screen of death"?????

Just got a new computer and asking yourself, WTH?

Computers can be hard and scary. Let's talk basic maintenance. 
Computers can last a long time if they are properly maintained. 
Call Nana