Sunday, December 1, 2019

"Living Your Dreams" Workshops @ Three Locations!

Our "Living Your Dreams" Workshops 
are expanding to three locations

They will be hosted

  • Friday, Dec. 13, 2019 Motherheart Yoga Sangha 2359 East Susquehanna Ave, Phila., PA 19125 7-8:30 PM $15/Door
  • Saturday, Dec. 14, 2019 Atiya Ola's Cafe 310 S. 48th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19143 4:30-6:30PM  Free & Open to the Public
  • Sunday, Dec. 15, 2019 Nutrition & Herb Center 5601 N. 10th Street, Phila., PA 191413-5:00 PM $10/advance $15/Door

If you are interested in hosting a dream workshop at your place of work, church, community center or private party feel free to contact Nana Baakan

  • This will be a series of discussions on Understanding/Living Your Dreams and applying the lessons presented in them to waking life. A different, yet comprehensive topic is discussed at each workshop, so there is no need for registration in advance.
  • A mailing list is generated at each workshop and attendees will be alerted, via email, with all the information for the next workshop.
  • Simple tools and instructions will be presented during these discussions. A book list will be distributed for further understanding. 
  • These workshop will be held at various locations that will be announced in advance of each workshop. These workshops are open to the public.