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What Is A Life Path Reading?

What Is A Life Path Reading?

Life Path Readings can be the Most Important reading that you will ever receive. Like an Astrology Reading, it lays out a blueprint of your life and gives you keen insight into the true Purpose as to why your Soul incarnated at this point in the Cycle. This reading will outline your skills, talents, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. It will indicate what you have come here to learn and what you have come here to teach. It will pinpoint many of the challenges you have met along the way and give you keen insight into why they have occurred. It will give you tools for resolving old conflicts and give you advise on how to meet new ones.  It will give you guidance as it relates to career, family and relationships. 

It is a "birthday" reading which can be referenced at each birth day. And with each birthday that comes, a follow up reading can be done to see how you have done so far and set you ahead for "your coming new year." It's an  invaluable tool for reflection long term as a reference for when certain issues and concerns arise in your life. 

If you have children, It is especially helpful to have one done for each of them. What better way to prepare your child for his/her journey through life than to get a sneak preview of what their purpose is? How often have we as adults wondered "why am I here?" or "what have I come here for?"

For anyone who wants a Psychic Reading, I strongly suggest you get a "LIFE PATH READING" before all others because it will answer so many questions and bring light to whatever situation you may now be involved in.

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NOTE: Like an Astrology reading, it is only done once. Over time it can be explored with follow-up questions.


I do spiritual counseling and I Ching (Yi Jing) readings that can be done via, Skype, Oovo, Google Hangout, Yahoo video chat, etc. After we determine which chat process we want to use, then we need to make sure we are in each others friends' list, so everything can go smoothly when we finally meet.

I ask folks to get me two questions before the reading. Then, I will do the consulting with the Oracle ahead of time, so as to save on the actual reading time. Typically, one question requires a series of inquiries that may take another 10 or 15 minutes to complete. 

Sometimes, I may have to contact you again to help restructure the question, so we can get the best answer. With the I Ching, the way you ask the question makes all the difference in the answer you receive.

After the reading is over, I will send you a copy of your reading via a download link for your reference in the future.

 Through our sessions together, we can develop a strong contingency plan that will bring your Journey in this Incarnation in alignment with your Life Path and Purpose.

Please note that I use the I Ching (Yi Jing) 5000 year old Oracle System from China. I have worked with clients from around the globe; some countries including Australia, Haiti, Spain, Germany, Ghana, Brazil, UK, Nigeria, France, Slovakia, Turkey, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Korea, Indonesia, Senegal, Liberia, India, Namibia and all over the US.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Special Offers from Nana's Consultant Services, Award Winning Thumbtack Pro

Special Offers from Nana's Consultant Services, 

Award Winning Thumbtack Pro

Greetings Everyone,

How are you doing, I hope you are doing well.
I am happy to announce that Nana's Consultant Services has been awarded "Best of 2015" by Thumbtack For Professionals. I am sincerely grateful for any of you who have left a review.

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Now for the really good news!!!

As a show of my appreciation, I am offering the following  Specials to anyone who makes an appointment before Nov.20, 2015. We can meet online, via Skype, Oovoo, or Google Hangout.

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Just for comparison, my typical fee is $75/1.5hrs. As you know I use my intuition and the I Ching Oracle System. But I also use pictures. It's called Psychometry so you may want this option if you are attempting to contact a loved one who has made transition. I also do dream interpretation. Check out the offers below and contact me, ASAP!

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