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Dream Interpretation & Workshops

Entering the Mystic Realms 
Dream Interpretation & Workshops

"Entering the Mystic Realms" where we discuss Dream Interpretations and Metaphysics.

  • This will be a series of discussions on Understanding/Living Your Dreams and applying the lessons presented in them to waking life. A different, yet comprehensive topic is discussed at each workshop, so there is no need for registration in advance.
  • A mailing list is generated at each workshop and attendees will be alerted, via email, with all the information for the next workshop.
  • Simple tools and instructions will be presented during these discussions. A book list will be distributed for further understanding. 
  • These workshop will be held at various locations that will be announced in advance of each workshop. They are free and open to the public. We do ask for a free will offering. 
  • Anyone who wishes to attend or would like to host a workshop at their facility, please contact Nana Baakan @ 

Workshop Outline
1. A dream workshop
     a. What is a dream workshop?
     b. Who can be a member?
     c. Importance of confidentiality
     d. Purpose of sharing dreams - willingness to share dreams
     e. Results from dream sharing - understanding
     f. Non-judgmental - hinders dream interpretation
2. What are dreams?
     a. Technical definition - see handouts
     b. Messengers from the soul -- “movies of your mind”
     c. Messages from ancestors (guardian spirits) “dependable allies”
     d. Inner voice - keys to understanding self more deeply
3. How do we dream? What happens in our minds that creates dreams?
     a. Subconscious vs. Conscious
     b. Symbolical vs. Literal?
     c. Intuitive vs. Fact?
     d. Integration of dream into conscious awareness
4. When do we dream?
     a. Sleep
      1. Purpose of sleep: every living creature (that we are aware of) sleeps
      2. What happens when we don’t sleep?
      3. Meditation a form of sleep
      4. Sleep disturbances and mental illness
      5. Day dreaming
      6. Visions
      7. Feelings, sensations, impressions
      8. Déjà vous
      9. Lucid dreaming - o.b.e.
5. How do we remember them?
     a. Make a promise to remember
     b. attempt to write or record dreams upon waking
     c. Avoid alarm clocks or find another alternative
     d. Set aside dream time
     e. Share dreams
     f. Believe they are important
     g. Document messages, dreamed events that occur and changes in life
6. Dream theories:
     a. Who are the authors?
     b. You are responsible for your own dreams
     c. You write script, set up players, change events, determine outcomes, etc.
     d. Wish fulfillment
7. Dream intrusion - dreams and the underworld
     a. Some gifted mystics can penetrate into your dream reality
     b. Lucid dreaming road to effective dream control benefits discussed later
     c. Who are the players?
8. You are the players
     a. Top dog vs. underdog
     b. Alter self - past lives, future lives, present relations
     c. Scenarios change according to development of conscious and                
     d. Mind interplay

Creative Dreaming     by Patricia Garfield, Ph.D.

DREAM CARDS    by Strephon Kaplan—Williams

Dream Cycles    by Dusty Bunker

Dream Work    by Taylor

Dreaming the Divnine, Technique for Sacred Sleep    by Scott Cunningham

Dreams Beyond Dreaming    by Jean Campbell

Dreams Hidden Meanings Secret    by Orion

Dreams That Come True    by David Ryback, Ph.D.


Dreams, Symbols & Psychic Power    by A. Tanous & Tim Gray

Dreams: A Way To Listen To God    by Kesley


How To Intepret Dreams, Omens & Fortune Telling Signs    by Fred Gettings

Inner Guides Vision Dreams    by Dr. Einstein

Let Your Body Intepret Your Dreams    by Gendlin

LIVING YOUR DREAMS    by Gayle Delaney

Modern Witch’s Dreambook    by Sarah Lyndon Morrison

New Approaches to Dream Interpret    by Nandor Fodor


The Dream Book    by Betty Bethards

The Dream Game    by Ann Faraday

The Dream Lover, Transforming Relationships Thru Dreams    by Leo Peto

The Dream Workbook    by Jill Morris

Wisdom of the Heart, Working with Women's Dreams    by Karen A. Signell, Ph.D.

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