Department of Educational & Cultural Awareness Comprehensive Services, Inc.
MISSION STATEMENT: To use a multi-disciplinarian approach to mental health for children and their families by using the comprehensive tools of counseling, education, creativity and cultural enrichment.
To provide supportive and preventive services of counseling, cultural enrichment, education and creativity to children and their families adding a comprehensive component to the traditional services offered by mental health. Through the utilization of the many skills and talents of a multi-disciplinarian team of professionals, this program will foster learning and healing more effectively because the participants will be using other creative as well as cognitive abilities to understand their inner and outer worlds. This will stimulate growth on many levels, provide hope and help to facilitate fuller, wholer responsible human beings.

To establish a mental health model for African Americans where counseling, learning and healing are in a synergistic relationship with educational and cultural awareness. In addition, this model will have the creative component needed to enhance the interaction between the mental health professional and client as they will each explore and develop (jointly and individually) their educational and cultural awareness.
D.E.C.A. Comprehensive Services, Inc.

Minorities, in particular, the impoverished members of the African American community, reflect the epitome of the misfortunate consequences of untapped or misused resources. Poverty, which is greatly influenced by racism and classism, finds its expression in the inner and outer environment of these disenfranchised people. The impact can be felt in the families, educational systems, employment opportunities, and mental and physical health of these people. As a result, high rates of crime, disease, dysfunction, ignorance and mental illness permeate throughout their communities and alter the total structure of American society.

These impoverished members of humanity house a wealth of creative and constructive energy. This energy is entrapped at best and misused at worst. Unaware of their hidden and/or misused talents they are frustrated and release destructive energy into their individual worlds and outer environment. By tapping into this well of resources then channeling these resources into meaningful and constructive expressions, these members of humanity begin to create within themselves a healthier reality which brings benefit to the larger community.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for skilled culturally sensitive mental health care professionals who provide culturally sensitive mental health services to minorities, in particular, the African American community in the Philadelphia area. D.E.C.A. Comprehensive Services, Inc. is a program that will direct itself to this need and through its professional staff, endeavor to fulfill its responsibility as a mental health provider for this community.

D.E.C.A. Comprehensive Services, Inc. will offer comprehensive programming that enhances the psychological healing and learning abilities of its clients who are in need of diverse approaches to mental healing and learning that cannot be readily obtained through conventional means.

Traditional mental health services are feared at best and ineffective at worst for the inner city disenfranchised population. In spite of the alarming rise in the rate of socially and emotionally disturbed individuals in our society, many of the individuals in this population are reticent to seek professional help. However, these same individuals are in sore need of this service and are, in many instances, provided this service as a last resort or when circumstances they are in crisis.
focusing on children and their families, will provide an outlet for disturbing and destructive emotional energies through service to the whole person. It will use a holistic approach to mental healing through the compatible tools of counseling, cultural awareness, education and creativity. It will provide support for their social, emotional, health and educational concerns (to name a few). The course of this service will be primarily preventive however it will be available during and after these concerns become problematic.

This program is a partnership. The service provider and client are partners with one another. The provider will be able to express some of his/her other talents as workshop facilitators and clients will be able to evaluate themselves in a broader arena where other opinions are being heard. Mutual appreciation is heightened and deepened as individuals become more than a means to an end but are an integral part of the creative process.

In addition, where clients are engaging in counseling, educational, creative and cultural activities, subtly self-esteem improves and they are able to see more of their own worth and value as human beings. They will feel more capable and thus make a positive contribution to humanity.
Mental healing is a process and it affects all aspects of health in our world today. By designing a program whose target is to creatively foster mental healing; clients will be afforded an alternative that will provide therapeutic assistance in a deeper sense thus averting many other illnesses.

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