Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Who Plays the Lottery? Try These Numbers 306 & 235

Who plays the lottery?? I dreamed these numbers, 235 & 306.. If these numbers have a vibration you can win with, by all means use them. I trust these are good numbers cause I seldom see numbers clearly in my dreams. They usually fade out, garbled up, or something weird. I think it's my waking frustration with my dyslexia that finds its way into my dreams, but I digress. I think these numbers must be worth a lottery try!! An no, I can't use them, it don't work like that for me

 Okay, so I guess by now, you all know I am a Psychic and I do Psychic readings. Some folks ask, well if you are, then why don't you hit the lottery and get rich?? Unfortunately, it just don't work that way. If it did, we would become materialistic and lose all our psychic powers. Well, not exactly, but it sure would be a lot more difficult to be in touch with the spirit world if you are surrounded by material things that you used the spirit world to acquire. The worlds don't counter each other, they just should be in balance. And since we are made of flesh, sometimes, having the power to guess the next lottery number with great success, could lead to becoming a rather arrogant person filled with a lot of hubris.

So, no most times, we cannot predict our own troubles. In fact, we don't often see the death of loved ones in our family while we may see the death of one in someone else's family.

We are here to help others navigate through their lives. When we need help we learn how to go within, quiet our minds and from time to time, seek out another psychic. It has to do with our personal emotions. You know, those things that go bump in the night. If we are too emotionally tied to the answer, it acts as a block rather than an open door. But when it comes to others, we often can see their emotions and sometimes see ours mirrored in theirs.

Some of us are empaths, others are telepaths, some are clairvoyant, time travelers, remote viewers, heck they use all kinds of names to describe our paranormal abilities. In fact, we have been called "possessed." I laugh at that one, because it is merely having the ability to see the unseen. And in that vein, if we are possessed so is everyone, cause we all breath unseen air!! We merely are using our intuition ability.

The paranormal is just another name for "it" as well. Some of us use different "tools" to make the connection. It varies from person to person just like any talent would vary. I am a firm believer that every single person in the whole world has access to their intuition. How we develop it as we grow older depends on the influences we experience while growing through our life experiences.

For me, I see things, scenes, like dreams, they come quickly sometimes, other times they may not. Sometimes it comes as a feeling, or sensation, I hear stuff, and move through experiences when I do a reading for someone.

I use 12 cowrie shells, they sorta help me ground myself, while I have also used other stuff too. The cowries help me a lot because they seem to open me up and let me travel.  

Psychic readers have been called a mind readers. But I would say that it's more of an ability to read Energy. As we travel through our life experiences we pick up stuff along the way. Some of us don't know that we are doing it.. But we are… A Psychic Reader can "pick" it up and bring it out of the unseen world and give it a picture. Sometimes, folks get a reading and they want it to tell them the future. Some readers may move in that directions… I prefer to look at possible outcomes based on choices. Predictions seldom come true exactly as they are predicted because of the many variable possibilities and probabilities that can happen. I would not trust anyone who is perfectly certain that a particular thing is gonna happen in a certain way.

Some years ago, I got a reading that said I would have a van. At the time, I really needed a car, but hey, had no idea where that would come from. It took several years to manifest.

This same reading told me that I would be doing some writing, spiritual writing as it were.. And I was like, yeah, right, when will that happen???? But, again, several years later, and I do mean several years later I am writing.

Some may say it was the power of suggestion. I believe there is nothing new under the sun, and my reader just happened to see that time line at that point in my life when I was seeking a reading from him. 

Each reading is different. I allow Spirit to guide me, so I often ask folks that if they talk about their readings to another person, just let them know that it is very personal, and very related to them and their situation.

I follow a strict law of confidentiality. Your reading is safe with me. I am invested in my integrity in the work that I do, and anyone who gets a reading from me can feel safe that their reading will not be posted on Facebook. LOL.

Follow-up readings are welcomed, but after a reading is done, it is best to let that marinate for a bit, and check in later on, maybe in another month or 2. However if we don't get to all the pressing questions at our first meeting, I am willing to set another one, shortly after. The readings usually last about 1.5 hours so there is a possibility that some things won't be covered. Typically folks who come to me, have lived quite a full life so there are always things that may come up that may take some time to explore.

I will be blogging more and more, so feel free to post your questions and I will answer them as soon as I am able.

Peace & Blessings,
Nana Baakan

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