Friday, August 15, 2014

Spell Casting - Ask Nana


 "I want to see if this couple will last or what can I do so they can separate she did something evil against me and the father of my kids to argue I trusted dearly but now I don't i do not want any fakes to send me any quotes nor people out of Los Angeles California 100% guaranteed work pay pal only I don't no frauds and money guaranteed back of it doesn't work and one time fee only I don't want any extras I do Not have time to play around at all!"


Greetings Beloveds, In the astral realm the options are limitless. Many things can be brought to us by our mere thinking of them and using our imagination to visualize them. However, it is always best to seek for the higher good of all who are concerned. Now those folks who may be concerned my be irrelevant to you but if we are not conscientious about our wishes, hopes, dreams and desires, we may bring harm to innocent people who have no ill intent towards you. In this case we have someone who is clearly desperate to get their loved one back into the family fold. This person wants the father of her children to return at all costs.

How does a psychic arrange that? How does a psychic arrange that and maintain credibility, that is maintain their status as a sincere person of the highest integrity? Easily, you may respond, as you too would like to have a loved one back in your arms again. I cannot caution you enough to stay away from spell casting and drawing people back into your life who have left. If someone has left you for whatever reason... getting someone else to "change" their mind is a waste of energy at best and futile at worse.

Ultimately, you step into the game of affecting and changing someone else's free will. It may be perceived by you that someone else changed their free will that is why they are no longer with you. And while on the surface this may be true, at some point in the cycle the individual that left you, decided to leave you. They may be appearing as though they have not made that choice, but somewhere in their psyche they decided to leave, for whatever reason and maybe in the tiniest second of time. That tiny bit of time was all another person needed to persuade them to leave you. It is a small wonder that they did not already have that thought, and manifested this individual to do it for them.

Thoughts are things. If you take on the task of seeking someone to bring him back to you, that someone will also be dealing with that very tiny window, when the thought crosses his mind to return. If that person misses that tiny window, it will not work, and if that person does not miss that tiny window, you may get your man back, but unless he really wants to, he won't stay. Consequently, you will be on a vicious cycle of trying to get this man back every time he leaves.

 I often pose this question to my clients who are so intent on doing this type of "spell casting" or witch craft. "How would you feel if someone you did not want to be with, went to a Psychic and asked them to cast a spell so that you would give up what you are doing and who you are with to be with them?" Typically, they answer, that will never happen, but if it cannot happen to you, then why can it happen to someone you want to cast a spell on?

The idea here, is to accept this change in good faith. If he belongs with you and is in alignment with his destiny, he will come back of his own accord. And that would be a stronger union than having someone manipulate his mind.

There are no secrets in the spirit world and all too often it comes out that the party got someone to "work" the other. This is a form of deception, and though it may feel like it is for the best for you and your family, it is deception and if your man finds out that he has been deceived or forced back home, he may resent you enough to leave and never come back again.

A word to the wise is Sufficient.

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