Sunday, August 3, 2014

All is One and One is All.

Statement:  I am God.

Response: You are not God, just a part of it.

All is One and One is All. Believing that we are not "Gods" is what got us in this mess in the first place. We are Divine Consciousness expressing itself throughout infinite Creation.

Godhood is responsible and sovereign.

Maybe if we started to think like that we could really change this pit stop into a beautiful home it was meant to be. Acting like we are connected in the Pool of Divine Consciousness, every day in every way. So we have to reclaim our Godhood through our thoughts actions and deeds.

We are God Consciousness knowing itself through this third density which in essence is an expansion of God Consciousness. If we see ourselves as only a part, we actually divorce ourselves from the whole, if we see ourselves as whole we then can say we are ONE. We are not our finger, our head, our toes, we are whole beings, we encompass many universes and many realities.

Maybe if we realize who we truly are as Gods and Goddesses, Creator Gods and Goddesses, we can know true freedom and release ourselves from the bondage of this prison Planet.


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