Friday, June 20, 2014

Do Successful Entertainers Sell Their Souls?

Here's how I see it and this comes from my intense work and study on "soul" (you may want to listen to this It is the ego that drives people towards fame and fortune, popularity and worship. In ancient times, humans had their gods to worship, in these times humans have created all sorts of idols, from politicians, entertainers, sports heroes, super heroes, etc. to replace this inner longing for something that the human being knows/feels is bigger than it is. 

Because human beings have yet to learn that they are all that they seek outside of themselves, they continue to transfer their power to an "idol" So the rocks and stone altars have become the huge stages of the Oscars and Grammy's and the colossal sports stadiums. The politicians are entertainers, with too little charisma to make it to Hollywood. Money is spent and transactions are made to coerce, conform and pacify the masses and their gods. 

In the field of entertainment, particularly, as it is true in all the other arenas as well, a bargain is struck between the individual and the bargainer. The bargainer knows that he cannot "buy" another's soul but he can bribe another's ego to "sell out" go against principles that keep an individual in service to others and gain riches in service to self. 

The predator/or bargainer knows it is all a game and is keenly rewarded for all the pawns it plays on this chess board. the Predator knows that it is not the soul but the "Ego" that is a construct of the mind that is a construct of the "soul" and by creating the illusion that this bargain has caused one to loose their "soul" it keeps the prey constantly attempting to retrieve something that it never lost. It is part of the grand illusion, that says humanity must be "saved" by the horrific sacrifice of another. It is an illusion. 

"Soul" is not something that you have, it is something that you are. You may chose to deafen your soul's urging for what appears to give more gratification on a physical level, but "soul" is never lost, it is, and upon death, it leaves the corporal to blend more freely with All That Is in spirit. In playing out this illusion, at any moment, in any instant an individual can walk away. 

The loss is felt more by the predator, than by the prey, who regains his/her sovereignty and freedom. The predator may threaten, cajole, rankle and demand a "return" but the individual has the choice/free will to keep walking away or return. Knowing this, the predator will entice his prey with all manner of mind altering, spirit altering substances and relationships. This is desperation on the part of the predator, not control or authority. It is a grand illusion, an act, a play, theater played out by the predator and the prey. 

Both predator and prey are endowed with soul and free will, if they choose to play this deadly game they both participate in the acute and painful consequences, but soul remains, noisily at first until it quietly plays like background noise. 

Each person is soul. Soul is Divine Consciousness that has decided to live an existence in a particular reality. In doing this many lessons are learned and Divine Consciousness wishes to experience itself through many realities. 

There are Universal Laws that govern each reality. Once the corporal vessel decides that the corporal and its vain promises are more important than active connection to Divine Consciousness, the laws that govern that choice play out. This is when it may appear that the individual is "lost" however the entire process of service to self is a no-win situation in the long run, both are loser, predator and prey. 

Because the bargain that was struck is based on vaingloriousness and not on personal sovereignty and service to others, it becomes a vicious cycle of gain and loss on both parts. Cultures that are built on the glorification of someone or something outside of self, outside of Divine Consciousness repeat this ritual incessantly resulting in the rise and fall of many nations as is seen in human history. If we look closely at what caused the fall, we can see that it was pre-empted by greed, covetousness, selfishness and displacement of integrity. 

Therefore, I would say that humanity may be "lost" but the soul never is, it simply finds another corporal avenue to learn more lessons about reality within All That Is.

Whitney Houston
Whitney Elizabeth Houston (August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012) was an American recording artist, actress, producer, and model. In 2009, the Guinness World Records cited her as the most-awarded female act of all time.

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