Monday, June 6, 2011


All Praises to the Most High that Dwells within all of us!

Studying the I Ching, really helps to put a perspective on the yin-yang principle. 3d reality on all 3d planets are challenged with finding that middle ground between duality. Once we can meet and maintain that middle ground.. we can ascend to the 4th and then on to the 5th dimension.

The I Ching says, take not gain or loss to heart. It tells us to express the same emotion/feelings when things are good and when things are not so good. It stresses the middle of the road mentality, knowing we are very emotional as human beings.

It teaches us that after every fall is a climb and after every climb there is a fall. It cautions us against extremes and tells us that we experience these ups and downs because we have tipped our own scale towards one extreme or the other. It is a very, very useful tool, I must say:)

Believe it or not, I have more I Ching students/clients than I ever had Akan godchildren. Each day, I understand more and more why because it was really getting to me at one point.

I realize that it is more important to teach people about balance and the need to remain centered than it is to go on and on about this protocol or that protocol, this ritual or that ritual. Too often we get caught up in the display and lose sight of the meaning, the I Ching talks about that too.

It takes a lot of studying over years to grasp just what the I Ching is talking about. I been at it for 30+ years and I still have a ways to go. It peaks your intuition and that's a really good thing, you know.

BTW, if you wish to get an I Ching reading, feel free to contact me. I prefer doing them in person, but we can work out the distance issue if you cannot get to me. No worries:)

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