Monday, June 6, 2011

What is my mission?

Nana Baakan Agyiriwah, Metaphysician/Akan Priestess 

1. What is your mission and is it spelled out clearly? 

My mission is to bring to the masses the messages I have received from my study internal and external study, about the Metaphysical world and how a conscious access to the Mystical/Spiritual world can improve the individuals understanding of what is going on in and around their world.

2. Secondly, why would anyone be interested in your mission?

Anyone would be interested if they feel drawn to the topics we discuss and want to learn/share more. I believe the Universe has received my intention and will provide an opportunity for this expression in this plane/dimension.

3. I for one don't have a clue as to what the Mystic Realm is.

The term Mystic Realm is an overall title for the gatherings. A title designed to be inclusive of various spiritual approaches to understanding the workings of the Spirit World.

4. Who are you to offer lessons on the Mystic Realm? I mean you might know what your all about but who else does? 

First off, I have been extensively involved in my own spiritual development for over 30 years. Anything that I may teach has been applied to my personal life with great results. I am an ordained minister as well as an initiated Priestess of the Akan Spiritual Tradition of Ghana West Africa. Anyone who knows me, knows that much about me. There are many facets to who I am on this plane, and for sure there is certainly many who do not know my many facets, no matter how close to me they may feel they are. The path that I am on, is not to be broadcast in its entirety to everyone for most folks would not even understand what I am talking about. In these discussions, I only wish to facilitate the expansion of each person's awareness, allowing their own soul inclinations to come forth and answer some questions for them that may be puzzling to them. The path towards Spiritual Consciousness and Awareness is full of many turns, ups and downs. So I am there to comfort them and bring as much understanding as I can to them with the help of the Most High. I am also a Mental Health professional, in the business for 20 years, and a pretty good one at that.

5. Why would I want to give you money? 

In the Spirit world, to give is to receive, so anyone who gives will be blessed with a gift in return. In reality, we live in a 3rd dimensional world, we pay for college, education, books, access to knowledge from a variety of sources. While we may be discussing the Unseen World, the Unseen World has a major impact on the seen world. Understanding that; we manipulate reality to manage and take care of our basic needs in this physicality. Also, I have to pay for the venue I am using for these talks, sir!

6. Why would I want to know about the mystic realm in the first place?

You, may or may not want to know. That is your choice. There is on obligation for you to come and learn. You have the free will to reject or accept it. This is not a business in the commercial sense. This is an apparatus, one of many, for spiritual growth and development. An apparatus to understand the Law of One and the meaning of why we are all here. It will bring some clarity to the Earth Changes we are experiencing and the dynamic spiritual times we are in. It is not a church, temple or place of worship. It is a sacred space based upon the idea of wanting to heal, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is an effort to unite with others in Oneness, Understanding, Wisdom and Knowledge about who we each are as individuals, where we come from and discovering our mission here on this planet.

7. These are not personal questions of mine. These are marketing questions for anyone who wants to start a business or is requesting money.

I have written several business plans in my day. I have been running my own business for many, many years.. I am aware of the need to have certain things in place, especially if you are asking for money. But this is not a commercial capitalistic business. In fact, this is simply the business of giving to others who may feel the need to know. It is a divine Mission that is and has been a part of my reality since the day I was born. It is a manifestation of my will/commitment to do what I have been asked to do by the Most High.

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