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How the Shift Will Happen??

This Article was sent to me by a dear friend.  It was posted in "Spiritual Dynamics Newsletter" and was called "How The Shift Will Happen" by Owen K Waters. This is my personal response to this article.

Thank you Beloved,
I always read and/or save your emails to be read later. They always have a special message or information that I like to refer to later on or investigate further.Now this one??? It had me going and I wanted to share with you my thoughts on it. I will take some portions of it to demonstrate what I am referring to. So here goes, I hope it don't sound like a rant, but when bells and whistles and flashing lights go off inside of me, I may sound like I am ranting when I attempt to explain why the bells and whistles and flashing lights are going off, so bare with me.

"How The Shift Will Happen 
by Owen K Waters 

The ancient Mayan culture gave us more than the Mayan cosmic cycles. They were an early test case for the process of physical ascension that the entire planet will experience in the near future." 

I have found that the 2012 thing went over like a lead balloon. Folks got a little discombobulated when nothing happened and were a little put off by the "prophecies". People wanted to believe this magical all-of-a-sudden transformation was gonna take place. The New Age movement failed to reckon with the fact that transformation takes years, and even centuries in some cases, also, they failed to align the Mayan calendar with other calendars around the world, and they fail to tell the truth about the fact that the so-called end times Mayan calendar prophecy was not what the Mayan Elders were saying but what others interpreted them to be saying, and lastly but not leastly the so-called Mayan Calendar is not what folks believed it to be and certainly did not predict the end of the world, or whatever they were saying. How is it that the Mayan Calendar coincides with a gregorian calendar that has been altered and changed so many times who can really know what day it is? I'm just saying..
"The Mayan civilization thrived up until 830 A.D, yet their astronomical knowledge exceeded today's level of knowledge in many ways. They not only knew the precise orbits of the planets in our solar system, but also the orbits of the stars in our galaxy. They even had cataloged information on major cosmic events going back more than 400 million years. The Mayan calendars are masterpieces which illustrate the repeating time-spirals of cosmic cycles within cycles within cycles. "
What I find interesting in terms of the so-called history of this planet and the interpretation of it is the continuous neglect of the African perspective. I.E. Dogon, the Austrailian Aboriginies and the indigenous folks from Congo and south Africa. Not to mention the "Ancient Chinese secret. I use the I Ching, a book that goes back in time more than 5 thousand years. It's so obviously selfserving. I asked a friend of mine one day, how come they don't include us in all this "Ascension stuff and she said "Cause they ain't thinking about us Ascending with them". Like every other movement, we have to put ourselves in it. 

"Then, for the most part, the Mayans suddenly disappeared from their cities, leaving no traces behind as to where they had moved and, yet, left their cooking pots and utensils. There is no sign that they suddenly died from some mysterious ailment and they did not move to another known location. They did not relocate anywhere here on this physical earth. Instead, they moved up a level from our third-density level of existence into fourth density. The solution to the mystery of their disappearance is that they didn't move away; they moved up."

Okay, now this part really got me shaking and rattling and rolling.   How in the world, on God's green earth did these people suddenly disappear without a trace? I know I am a very spiritual person, but I am also practical and I know that when they were talking bout the heavens and the clouds and all that jazz them elders were talking about Ancient Aliens or ET's or whatever you want to call them. People don't vanish when they enter the 4th dimension, in fact if they did we would all vanish when we go to sleep, because that is how we explore 4th, 5th and even 6 dimension/density. sometimes these terms are used interchangebly. But nobody disappears. What you do is gain the ability, psychically to go into those realms and look around and do some stuff if you can. They left their utensils behind cause they didn't need them on the Mothership that came and got them and took them to another planet. Or, they went underground into the deep tunnels where they came from in the first place, cause it was too hard living on the surface of this crazy planet. There are major underground tunnels that go around the whole globe. they retreated back into them. But this whole ascension into 4th density "of the heart" is a rouse. To say the least. 

"Fourth density is less dense than our world, but it is still physical. It is also home to the spirit realms or the afterlife. If you were a physical human living in fourth density, you would find it relatively easy to contact people in spirit bodies. They would live in a higher sub-realm of fourth density than you, but you'd both be in the overall fourth-density layer of existence on this planet." 

And how do we reach these folks in 4th density spiritual realm, through meditation and contacting the Ancestors. So if we can do that, now, wouldn't it be that we are already in 4th density?? there are certainly realms within realms within realms but we can go there quite easily if we get into the habit of paying attention to our dreams and going into the dream Universe with an open mind, heart and spirit.

"The Mayans engaged in a prototype experiment to ascend from third density to fourth density. They weren't the only test group engaging in such experiments. In New Mexico, for example, the residents of Bandelier and Puye Cliff Dwellings successfully ascended, as did the residents of Machu Picchu in Peru. Those test groups all moved from third density up into fourth density." 

Okay, so where did he get this information? Sadly, he is projecting himself as the knower of this phenomenon when he hasn't mentioned that he possibly contacted one of these Mayan in the dream or trance state or even in his own journey into the 4th density. I hope I don't sound like I am ranting, but ranting is good, I get a chance to creatively express myself. LOL

"The ascension that is about to happen on Earth in the near future will be very similar and, yet, it will be different in one major respect. We won't be leaving our old world behind to move into a new one. Our world will ascend along with everything in it, including us." 

This sounds like one of two things, or maybe I should say three things. 
1. Folks don't want to die, or are afraid to die cause the only way this planet is gonna shift like that is to shift some folks off of it.
2. what's the near future, 4k, 5k, 8k years from now?
3. Folks are materialistic, they want to take their belongings with them so they devise a plan where they can "Ascend" and keep their stuff. That's the biggest ancient myth of all, folks are still doing it today with huge headstones, graveyards, insurance plans and litigation around estates. It's the holding on to this material world that prevents us from "Ascending".
In order to be spiritual we have to understand we are Spiritual beings having a material experience and if we were really uptight, we would just say "be" and everything we need would "be". So this whole, the Earth will go with us is grasping at straws and hoping the Earth will want to go with us the way we been treating it and its inhabitants. Not to mention, the earth that we know is a deep 3rd density illusion. If there is a 4th Density Earth, it ain't material. So if it goes from 3d to 4d, it ain't gonna take a bunch of 3d folks stuck on this planet with their 3d junk. It will quite nicely leave all that weight behind. The Observable Universe is a 3d illusion. Earth is a part of that illusion. When the illusion is re-directed to 4d, all of that which is attached to it will either go with it, or stay with 3d earth. Personally, I interpret that to mean, you either stay on this planet as it is, or go to another Earth type planet that is not so infested with corruption..

"Our entire realm of existence will increase in frequency and move up into a fourth-density frequency band. This time, the cooking pots and utensils won't get left behind; they'll come with us, as will everything else in our reality." 

See, that's what I'm talking about. This statement is clear, we need our stuff, so we are gonna create a world full of our stuff. What about homeless people who ain't got nothing but bags of trash, what about poor folks around the world who don't even have a house to live in? Are these ascending folks gonna make sure they are cared for? Did anyone of them mention the less fortunate ones and what their plans are for them with all this Ascension going on?   

"When this occurs, people who are alive in physical bodies will experience physical ascension, right after those in the afterlife experience their ascension to a higher sub-realm of fourth density. In fact, they'll vacate the sub-realm into which we'll be moving." 

Jeez, I am speechless on this one. Spiritual Scientist.........  Who is giving this guy information on how spirit works? When you die, your soul is re-united or re-engaged into the soul pool so to speak. However the Pool is infinite in size, there's no moving in and moving out. There's no displacement, there is Oneness, remember that one, Oneness??? So each entity has a choice to expand its consciousness; delve into the Oneness; meet old friends etc.  But even that is not what it seems, much of this can be done in the dream state. And again, if it is done in the dream state, then aren't we already delving into 4d on a 3d planet?? Hmmmm??

"The nature of this global ascension was foreseen as long as two millennia ago by St Paul, who even foresaw the sequence of events. He said that, in the twinkling of an eye, the dead shall be raised and we shall be changed. But first, he said, the 'dead' shall rise and then we will be caught up together with them in 'the clouds' (i.e. the higher realms.)" 

LOL, as long as 2 millennia ago... St. Paul??? Jeez this person must know nothing about the heiroglyphs and ancient writings, Sumerian texts, Veda, Dogon, Yoruba, Akan, you name it who were all around long before 2k years ago. That is when I really started to twitch cause this stuff is directed towards the Euro-Christian mind set and their ideology. Forget about any other history, though we do feel safe throwing in a bit of Mayan Lore. SMDH, I know, I am ranting but sometimes, it just gets to me. I apologize, well, a little bit anyways. LOL      

"So, the 'dead' - the spirits residing in the afterlife - will first rise to a higher sub-realm of their fourth-density existence and then we will be moved up into fourth density." 

Holy crap, I can't take it!!!!! This is beyond unbelievable, this is outright lunacy!!!

"This upcoming transformation of our world into fourth density is referred to as the Ascension, the Rapture, the Resurrection, or simply as The Shift. Today, we think of The Shift as the phenomenon where everything is changing very quickly. In the future, however, The Shift will be viewed retrospectively as the day the world suddenly changed, or 'rose in the heavens.' 

After The Shift, life will seem much the same overall, but with some quite noticeable upgrades to your capabilities. You will see colors as brighter and prettier than before. Sounds will have a depth of meaning and feeling that you hadn't noticed before. The auras of subtle energy around living things will become much easier to see. Communication will take a step upwards as you will be able to use telepathy to communicate with those to whom you are attuned. Your thoughts and feelings will manifest changes in your reality, as they do now, but these changes will occur more quickly and more obviously than before." 

Way to go bro, a little late on this one, folks have already started this process, say maybe about 100 yrs ago. and if you are doing your spiritual work, it's been happening all your life, and they were calling you crazy back then, or a hippy or some zoned out folks when your sensory abilities were amplified, right?
"The Shift to fourth density will occur when the time is right for humanity to handle the experience, which will be when a critical mass is reached in the emerging New Reality consciousness. Fourth density is a heart-centered frequency band of consciousness. When enough people operate in that level of consciousness, then humanity will be ready for The Shift into fourth density." 

This is an interesting perspective. When humanity is ready or can "handle" the experience. And who determines who can handle what? In fact, if this guy is planning on shifting he better get in touch with some spirit guides who can tell him what is really happening on this planet. This planet is on a collision course to self destruct. the only way that would stop is if the powers that be realize they "have to make that change" but with their greed, when will that day come. We are all in a sinking boat because just like the critical mass can help it stay afloat, a critical mass can make it sink and take the rest of the solar system with it. So in order for that to be avoided we got choices. Just like the Mayans, we can jump ship and hop on a Mother ship, we can go underground and hide out with our innerterrrestrial family, or we can leave this body. But whatever we do, we will be who we are wherever we are, which is why we have to fix ourselves, cause even the innerterrestrials and the extraterrestrials are not gonna want greedy, hateful people in their town either.

"Percentage-wise, the number of people required to reach the tipping point is small because higher consciousness has proportionately more influence on the global mind atmosphere than the lower frequencies of consciousness. 

After the cosmic cycles begin anew in 2012, it became a lot easier than before to promote widespread New Reality consciousness.  (Jeez another slogan!!)Your efforts to change the world through positive thought and action now operate in a positive environment instead of the old, decaying, end-of-cycle environment."   

Yep,  and how many of these people with all this positive thought and action business think about speaking to their neighbor or telling Obama to stop dropping bombs on innocent civilians, or home-schooling their children, or giving half of their stuff to somebody who really needs it, or volunteering at the neighborhood senior citizens home or becoming actively involved in the reparation movement. Just saying.

"Every step that you take now to foster heart-centered consciousness within yourself and others affects the global mind atmosphere profoundly. Each step that you take towards New Reality consciousness is a step closer to that tipping point for humanity as a whole. 

When the global ascension of The Shift does happen and the New Reality blooms, it will become the most wonderful transformation in recorded history. 

It will be long remembered as the time when humanity literally built heaven on earth!" 

My final thoughts on this: Ascension does not occur laterally, one layer at a time, upward. There is no up and there is no down, that is all an illusion. It is a perspective, like time that this system works around, and with. Therefore, Ascension can happen in any direction and is more like a ripple effect moving from the center outward like galazies than one step up and up. That type of Ascension creates separation because there is one above and one below therefore the one above is so-called "higher" and the one below is  so called "Lower" both of these perspectives speak not from the heart but speak of discrimination, separation and bias. We are SOUL beings first who have gotten trapped in this 3d reality and are trying to get out. the 3d reality is not one step up or down, it is all around and so our ascension HAS to be all around and touch everything in our lives from the mundane to the profound. If we choose to "let Earth do it for us" then we are still doing the same thing, over and over again, expecting different results, and you know what the definition of that is, right? 

So in closing, thanks for sharing, and thanks for reading this if you could get through it all. I can only say, I felt compelled by Spirit to share this with you.

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