Saturday, July 19, 2014

Thoughts Are Things

Thoughts are things. Many times we are ignorant of what we create with our thoughts. Thoughts are vibrations on another dimensional plane. We need the skills to bring that vibration into physicality. That is the real work.

Ever wonder why it is so easy to manifest things we "don't want"? Well, if we look at our thoughts surrounding those things and the emotional attachment and/or passion we connect to those things it makes it more easy to see.

We live in a very toxic world, that has nurtured pain and suffering lack and disease for many many years. These too are vibrations that surround us. So though we may envision something that we want to happen, we seldom realize that we have to create a vortex, a channel an avenue for that thing or things to bypass the vibratory entities/energies that are blocking our success.

We also must know how to go deeply into positive thought forms, bring them deeply into our physical being, every cell and every aspect, and then command the manifestation. Bring thought forms into our physical being causes a magnetic reaction of attraction, that is, we begin to attract what we think of, pro or con. Too often we are left with just a vision, or just the belief, but the interim step of "Action-Manifestation" is the Alchemy of true Creation.

We have to release the idea that we are victims and subject to the false reality of scarity and lack. So, to see it, we need to open that vortex within our mind/ego and direct positive thought forms into our physicality, having the trust/faith that we are capable and then commanding the manifestation of Phenomenon.

We must also remember the circle of life and be clear that we aim to be of service to others in a righteous way.. so that while we may bring these things into being, we do no harm to others. There is so much more to say on this topic, but thanks for reading this.

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